How to migrate from another shopping cart

1. Import your product catalog from the existing shopping cart

We have a nice product importing feature which will help you to import your products and categories from other shopping carts/databases/worksheets. To import the catalog data, please, perform the following steps:

1.1. Prepare your data

First of all, you have to create the import data in CSV format. You can use an appropriate tool to prepare the data in CSV format, like MS ExcelTM and PHPMyAdmin. Moreover, some of the shopping carts are able to export products/categories using this format. If you use MS ExcelTM, just select the "File/Save As" menu and choose the "CSV" file type. You can import product into several categories by including a actegory name column in input file. The category name should be in 'category/subcategory/...' format. LiteCommerce will automatically create the corresponding categories and put the products inside them.

Note: Do not include headers or other supplementary information into your input file. When using CSV saved from MS Excel, you can open the CSV file and remove the first header line.

1.2. Create default product category

Skip this step if you have a "Category name" column in your import file. If you don't, you'll have to create at least one product category under which you want to place your products, as no products can be placed out of any category in LiteCommerce. To create a category go to Catalog / Categories / Add new...

1.3. Import the CSV data

As soon as the CSV file containing all of your products is prepared and stored as a '.csv' file, you can go on and import the data into the LiteCommerce. Go to the Import catalog page available in the "Catalog" menu. There you should specify the order of columns in the input file. Set the rest fields to 'NULL'. Please, note that the field "product name" is mandatory. If you want to import product icons along with the product description, you can include the column containing image file names in your input file. In this case, you will have to upload your images in a folder by using FTP and specify the name of this folder in the import form. Please, note that some servers are case-sensitive to the file names: you couldn't find the file "FILE.GIF" if you saved it as "file.gif".

After the form is filled in, click "Import". If you have any difficulties in preparing or importing, please review our  importing samples to learn more about how to prepare & import catalog data.

2. Check your catalog

After you import the file, it is strongly recommended to check the products appearance in your site. Go to your Customer zone and examine the catalog. Categories are on the left top of the page. The catalog might happen not to be imported correctly due to incorrectly prepared import file. In this case you can remove entire catalog (see the previous page), correct your input data and import the file once again.

3. Edit your products and categories

You may want to edit the imported products/categories in case the import data is incomplete.

3.1. Edit categories

To edit categories go to Catalog / Categories menu. There you can see a list of top-level categories (categories which are listed in the left menu in the Customer Zone). To edit a category select the radio button (circle) to the left of its name and click "Modify". To go inside a category and create sub categories click the category name. You can then use "Add new" to create a subcategory.

3.2. Edit products

To edit products, go to Catalog / Products page. There you will see a product search form. To select all the available products leave the form empty and click "Search". You can browse pages using "Result pages:" links.

By clicking the product name you enter the product modification page. The "Brief Description" field is used in product list, and the "Detailed Description" - on the product description page. If no "Detailed Description" is specified, the "Brief Description" is used instead.

4. You should decide whether to use the LiteCommerce product catalog or your existing web site as a customer front-end

I've already got my own product catalog web site
Learn how to extend your web site by adding our cart/checkout functionality. Suitable for small shops.

I want to create a web site based on LiteCommerce
Learn to create and customize your on-line store using LiteCommerce. This is the most preferable choice.

If you still have any questions, please consult the user's manual or contact our technical support at